My Future in The Digital Marketing Industry

Digital Marketing

My Future in The Digital Marketing Industry

Of all the topics that fall under the category of digital marketing, a topic that interests me is SEO and SEM. This topic is profound and detailed; there is so much knowledge to learn and is very intriguing.


Users trust search engines, and when a website appears as a result of the keywords searched, a user trusts that website and expects it to provide the information they are looking for. SEO provides social promotion of your website, and SEM is internet marketing that increases the visibility of a website using organic search results and advertising. SEO and SEM work together to increase visibility in search engines and website traffic. SEO and SEM involve many methods that can be used to enhance your marketability and visibility. This topic is one that I plan to spend more time learning about as I would like to expand my knowledge and expertise. SEO and SEM are continually evolving and can be utilized to improve website rankings.

My Future in The Digital Marketing Industry 1

To improve my skills in the topic of SEO and SEM, I plan to obtain multiple certifications through SEMRush. SEMRush is an excellent resource for SEO and SEM tools and free online courses and certifications to enhance my skills in the topic. The instructors, such as Greg Gifford, are very knowledgeable and make the learning process very exciting and interesting. I hope that enhancing my skills and knowledge in SEO and SEM will help me in the future to optimize my client’s websites to drive more traffic and obtain more leads.

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