How to Create A Social Media Strategy For 2020

How to Create A Social Media Strategy For 2020

How to Create A Social Media Strategy For 2020

Developing a social media strategy that is effective, consistent, and time-efficient may sound impossible, but it’s not. I’ve organized a list of steps below for creating a social media strategy, which includes the critical stage of content strategy. Social media must be approached strategically, with a systematic approach of what goals and objectives are relevant, how to measure your efforts, and optimizing your efforts after analyzing your data. So, let’s get started!

Social Media Strategy

Step 1: Set Meaningful Goals

The first step to a social media strategy is to set meaningful goals and align with decision-makers across the organization. It is essential to take into account the needs of other functional areas within the company. If you are creating a social media strategy for a personal brand, it is essential to really think about how you would like to be viewed in your community and what kind of content you want to put out to represent your brand. After you decide what you want to accomplish, it is essential to set goals, objectives, and key performance indicators (KPI’s). You want your goals to be SMART, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.

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Step 2: Define Your Target Audience

A social media target audience is a group of people that you have identified as the people you want your content to appeal to. This can be based on demographics such as location, industry, income, behavior, or education. Your social media target audience should consist of the people who are most likely to be interested in your services or products. It is essential to identify your target audience, so you are able to determine which networks to approach and what types of content to publish. You need to speak the same language as your audience, to make them more likely to interact with your brand on social media and ultimately become loyal customers. To do this, you can start by identifying your ideal client’s buyer persona. Then, you can determine where they are most active. Next, you can look into researching your competitors, how are they interacting with their audience on social media?

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Step 3: Plan a Social Media Calendar

A content calendar can be done in a spreadsheet or a social media management tool. Many free online tools can be used to create content calendars such as Hootsuite. It is essential to curate a content calendar because a calendar allows you to spend an hour or so a week, creating content and scheduling it to post across all of your social media platforms. While most people think a social media calendar adds to the amount of time spent on your strategy, they are sorely mistaken. A social media calendar provides users with the opportunity to plan in advance and schedule their posts days, weeks, or even months in advance. This saves time in the long run as you won’t need to spend an hour or so each day brainstorming, creating, and posting your content to your profiles.

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Step 4: Analyze Your Results and Optimize Your Content

Now that you have created your content and posted it to your pages, you need to measure the success of both your paid and organic campaigns. It is essential to adapt your strategy as you progress. Social media is all trial-and-error but monitoring your metrics and tweaking your strategy to be more effective makes perfect sense in a world where social media is continually evolving.  

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Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to focus on your social media strategy and provided useful tips for figuring out your perfect social media strategy. If you are looking for more resources or need assistance in creating your ideal strategy, contact us for a consultation. Id love to help you accomplish your social media goals!

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